Shoneez Confectioners mission is simple: to provide the public with wholesome, luxuriously finished foods that the entire family will enjoy. The Eastern inspired recipes fused with traditional dishes remain a secret but Shoneez has ever so kindly decided to share these appetising dishes with you for your own wellbeing, of course!

We offer a place of scrumptious safety for even the most extreme of chocoholics, but we never forget our signature savoury dishes. Spicy or sweet, fiery or creamy, our Halal items will tickle your senses and excite your palate! The meaning of the word Shoneez translates into “flower or plant of harvest” (which is also the name of the store’s owner) and this definition fits in perfectly with the stores welcoming and sharing nature – and the abundance of food, let’s not forget!

Inside the stylish doors of Shoneez Confectioners, you will find:

Bountiful breakfasts - including lip smacking muffins, perfect scones, buns and an array of pastries
Cookies and biscuits of all shapes, flavours and sizes.
Homemade ice cream – comfort food at its best!
Wonderful wedding cakes that taste just as good as they look.
Handmade Belgian chocolates in flavours that you have never imagined before.
An array of platter options to fit sweet and savoury preference, made to order.
Freshly baked bread and rolls straight from the oven.

If you would like to host an event with all the Shoneez Confectionary treats that you have purchased, we hire out plates, glasses, dishes, base plates and tablecloths, just to put the cherry on top of your “Shoneez experience”.

A luscious melting pot of passion, inspiration, home cooked goodness and professional presentation, Shoneez Confectioners will undoubtedly impress. So if you are in search of exclusive catering for a function of any kind, or merely looking for something quick to pick up for lunch or even dessert tonight, stop by our stylish store and experience the joy of confectionary that proves that it is never too late, for cake!

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